Together Again

I recently had the pleasure of capturing photos of families during the Fall Mini’s sessions. As I went through the editing process, I couldn’t help thinking about what each of these families has gone through in the past few years. There is no doubt it has been a time that many have struggled to understand, and each person has a different story on how they have been personally impacted. 

I reflected on how happy I felt as each family arrived. Just to see them in person felt so good! I captured special moments for them in hope that the togetherness they were feeling, even for just 20 minutes, would carry through into the photos they will look at for years to come. 

As we draw closer to Thanksgiving, I want all of my clients to know how much it means to me to have the privilege to share in your special moments together. I know I have learned to appreciate togetherness more than I ever did before, and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Holiday Minis photo sessions. 

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