Spiderman :: Kid Shoot

For the past two years, I have a client that goes above and beyond for photos for Mothers Day.

It all started with this awesome session last year. My client, Craig Loftis, owner of Elite Sounds Entertainment Group, had access to a couple classic cars. Add an adorable kid, a pair of Levi’s, some Chuck Taylor’s and one awesome temporary Mom Tattoo . . and well, it was magical. 😉


This year, Craig’s son is super into Spiderman. Craig and I were able to pull in a few extra characters that really helped with the story line. Craig’s employee Mickey played “The Bad Guy” and one of my former wedding clients is a Police Officer. The day we did the shoot, it was Devin’s day off, but he still went in, got his uniform and was happy to help with the shoot. Thank you both for your help in this!

All in all this was a creative collaborative effort between me and Craig. . and it really turned out fantastic.

Happy Mothers Day!



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