Liere + LaTreesa Classic Engagement Session Nelson Atkins Museum of Art


Look at those smiles. Aren’t they infectious? At the end of our session, MY cheeks hurt from smiling. Liere & LaTreesa were an absolute blast to work with and I am just in love with the imagery from our session.

We started out in our studio. . . Paul wanted to try a few with a single light set up on a simple grey background. I love how their personalities were able to shine through.



I love the natural light at our studio. Our windows are North facing, so the light is always perfect and it makes it so easy to shoot.




These ladies can dance! They two-stepped their way into our hearts. . how bout yours?!



After a quick wardrobe change we headed over to one of my favorite locations: The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. We are so lucky to have such an amazing wealth of art, here in our city. I’m a proud member of the museum, and if you like art as much as I do, maybe consider being one yourself — click here for membership info.








Lastly, Liere is a Missouri State Trooper and I love that she had the forethought to bring along her badge. Being able to add something so personal to the shoot just makes it that more special. Thank you for your service, Liere!


Thank you ladies! We couldn’t be happier for you two! Bon Voyage — we wish we could follow you to the wedding! xomo

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